March Update 2014

Streetworks March Newsletter

Hello all,

Wow, can you believe we are almost through March already? Time is flying!
We’ve already had 2 monthly classics, with a fantastic turn out and are about to have our third.
I am very excited about what is install for the year. We have set some big goals for our event team to achieve, and they are taking it in their stride, working hard to make it happen. We’re hoping our coming events will be the biggest and best we have seen yet!
We have a passion to see a culture of service spread through Hamilton, where faith is coupled with deeds and our actions reflect our hearts. We want Streetworks to be more than just an event you attend; we want to see it become apart of who we are. In both the small things we do and the big things we do. Join us, be challenged, change lives, shape a city.
Thank you.

Colin Klenner
Events Team Leader and Trust Board Member 

The year so far… 

A much needed summer break brought us all back to 2014 refreshed and ready to get the ball moving again. Already we’ve had two great monthly classic events..

Just recently this month was a classic Streetworks firewood chop. Summer saw a constant stream of wood being delivered by our city council to the firewood yard; the burden of chopping all that wood was looking like a daunting task. After doing well over 70 deliveries of wood last year we decided we’d start early on chopping this time round. The team that came out to get involved did such an incredible job working in the heat and the dust, the container is now looking good! Ready again for another winter of deliveries.

To start the year off in February we held a backyard blitz. It seems like we do a lot of gardening at Streetworks, and i’ll be honest there are times where I questioned how it really helps people. It seems like one of those extras that don’t really need to happen at all. Weeds can get out of control and lawns can be up to your waist without it affecting life too much right? Turns out I was pretty wrong.
What happens when you have small children, and mice are living, unseen, in the tangle? When you’re a single mother with 8 children and it’s your birthday next week, probably no one will remember, but it would be so special to be able to look out from a house buried in laundry, to a garden thats neat and tidy. Or you live alone and love working in the garden, but last year you had an accident and wrecked your back and since then life’s got away from you, and those weeds that you used to so diligently kill are a constant reminder of your new inability. These are a few of the people that we were able to work alongside of at the backyard blitz in February. Gardening may not pay the bills or put a meal on the table, but we believe it’s those simple acts, done in love that creates communities and allow us all to truly live.

Alice Denne
Streetworks Administrator 

The life of a project leader
meet Kate Caldwell

What did you want to be when you a kid?
I wanted to be a vet.
What do you enjoy about Streetworks?

I love getting amongst people and seeing how they work together and help each other out, both within the volunteers and in the community. I am also passionate about how people communicate and develop relationships within a group.

What do you do when you’re not doing Streetworks?

When I’m not at Streetworks, I’m working at ACC, trying to get to the gym, at the beach and with my family and friends  whenever I can.

How did you get involved in Streetworks?
I got involved with streetworks through an advertisement at Gateway church, started volunteering and saw a desire to start leading (in progress haha) 

What is something not many people know about you? 
I was born in the outback of Australia and all the other babies were Aborigine, it was the year the Dingo stole the baby, and no it wasn’t me! 


Upcoming Events 
Monthly Classic – Odd Jobs 
5 April,  9:30 am – 3:00 pm

Something we’ve been excited about getting off the ground for a while now is an Odd Jobs team; a group ready and willing to help people in one off odd jobs around their homes. Whether this is help moving house, putting up a railing or fixing a a few holes or loose screws.

We have a range of jobs to tackle in April, some house cleaning, plastering, organising the tool container – a bit inside and a bit outside. We would love you to join us to make it all happen!

We’ll meet in the car park at Gateway Church and then head out from there. Bring along any tools you think may be appropriate and helpful, but water and good shoes are a good start.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

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