We need you!!!!

Love great tasting food AND helping to make a difference? – We need you!


On the 16th of May, Streetworks will be running the first Baking & Cooking Freezable Meals project for 2015!!!

The idea for ‘Healthy Takeaways & Giveaways’ is that families/individuals in need, can come join us for a day of learning how to bake and cook great tasting, nutritious and cost effective snacks and meals. At the end of the day, they can take home a large amount of the food they have made while a portion is set aside as emergency meals for other struggling families in the community. Make some, Take some, Give some! Concepts will be discussed, tips will be given and notes can be taken. A range of great recipes will be put together also, so that those who come can remake the food they made on the day as well as try out a few more snacks and meals at home.

For this project to hit the ground running, we are inviting those who have the ‘know how’ regarding baking and cooking such food, to come forth and help facilitate the day. Once a team has been put together, we will work as one to find a great facility, put together a range of recipes, gather the ingredients we need and help make the magic happen!

We see this being a great way to serve our community and help empower those who are willing to help themselves. We would love to have anyone who is keen and willing to join our team.

If you or anyone within your circles are keen to help in any way – spread the word, let us know your thoughts and what level of involvement you might like to have.

ALSO – If you know of any families/individuals that would love to attend this workshop, get in touch with us and we can discuss this further.


To contact us, please email:


or jono@streetworks.org.nz

or phone 07) 839 1284

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With a huge thanks to our volunteers, we have now delivered 2 fantastic events for the year. The Summer Chop & Family In The Park. Check out the video’s for each below!

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