Streetworks October 2015 Newsletter

Three tons of snow and brown paper bags.

Where would you find these two things in one place?

However, if you were anywhere near the Gateway carpark on the 30th of September, you may have seen this unusual combination! The Wednesday Night Meals had a party in the car park, with volunteers from the Gateway young adults crew helping out to give the regulars a chance to relax. While children got their faces painted, ate candy floss, and romped in the snow, Hamilton Streetworks was able to help a whole lot of brown paper bags change hands. Each bag contained non-perishable goods to give our local families a bit of a boost as we change seasons and approach the end of the year.

What is Streetworks about anyway?
To cultivate a culture where faith is coupled with deeds, Streetworks has three main aims:
Serving the communities of Hamilton City.
Providing a platform aimed at exposing people to the needs of our city.
Creating a community of people with a culture of active service and compassion for others.


Father’s Day Chop n Drop ’15
A second firewood day was held this year on the 6th September, to help heat homes for the final few cold months before summer.

Marquee for Streetworks project days!

We are so grateful for this new addition to the Streetworks family. Great for spring days ahead and will be sure to make Family Fun Days easier to locate.
Thank you so much to one of our proud supporters/volunteers Greg Morgan for your extremely generous and helpful donation. This is going to be PERFECT for so many of our project days, events and fundraisers.
Look out for the STREETWORKS Marquee in a community near you!

The newest edition to the crew.

As Kelly takes a break from the Streetworks office to welcome her bub to the world, I’ll be covering her usual space at the desk, answering your calls and emails, and helping out with all that behind the scenes stuff. My name is Esther and I have been living here in Hamilton for a few years now, and I am currently part way through a degree in Occupational Therapy. I am passionate about building community and connections, and am excited to be getting involved in all that goes on at here at Streetworks. Looking forward to getting to know you all!



Check out the latest event pics below:

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