Mid-Year Update 2016

A very special weekend.

Last month (May) Streetworks did a massive three-day combined effort with INCEDO, Junior youth group of Fairfield, Gateway Youth, and many more for the ‘MOVE THAT BUS – Whare Makeover’ projects in Tauwhare. This was done for a very special whanau in need who have been struggling with some major health issues and their humble home was in need of some serious TLC. The family kept this project a secret from their parents and arranged for them to be away for the three days so they had no idea a Whare Makeover was taking place!! This project saw the completion of such jobs as re-fencing the entire property; Reconfiguring and renovating toilet, laundry and bathroom; Building safer decks and ramps instead of stairs; Removal of unused doors and replacing ranch sliders and windows; Reframing walls, recladding and putting up hardies weatherboard; Re-concreting posts; Replacing a bath; Electrical work; Painting interior walls and ceiling.

Needless to say – at the big reveal, there were plenty of tears, disbelieve, shaking hands and hugs. 

For more about the Whare Makeover, check out the highlights video above!
The Summerset Serve project kicked off the year with a nice turn-out of helpers keen to spend time, listen to, eat with, enjoy a few cuppa’s and swap stories with the elderly at Summerset Down the Lane Retirement home.
In April, the Backyard Blitz crew reunited for a day of tackling a range of lawns that needed mowing, weeds that needed pulling, pruning trees, removing shrubs as well as cleaning the interiors of some homes too.


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