Community Firewood Chop May 2017

On the 27th of May 2017, over 50 people gathered to chop, stack and deliver firewood to 30 homes around the Hamilton area. While the clouds were threatening, the rain held back until we were almost done, and even then only showered. Of course, the hard working volunteers worked right on through and quickly got all the left-over wood stored in the container and out of the rain. We started with a few large piles of uncut logs, some of them around a metre thick, and got through the entire lot by early afternoon.

The atmosphere was cheerful as people from many different groups and backgrounds all worked together to do something for their community. We had representatives from multiple churches around Hamilton including Gateway, Whitiroa Bible Chapel, Hamilton South Baptist, CBC, Te Awa Chapel, home church, and other groups including the Tamahere Lions and Hamilton Young Professionals. Bunning Hamilton South also provided some sweet new gear that is going to last us much longer than just the firewood chop event. 

The highlight for me this year was how everyone helped out in whatever way they could. Many people who were receiving firewood were as much of a part of the action as those weren’t. Some of those who couldn’t make it to the event itself provided delicious home baked goods to fill our tummies, or donated to Streetworks to contribute towards the costs of the event and BBQ lunch. As James and myself’s first proper event since we came on board with Streetworks, it was an inspiring and humbling experience to see so many people pull together to help out their Hamilton community members.

While I was receiving referrals and requests for firewood, I heard many stories about families facing and overcoming a range of obstacles and difficult circumstances, and it was an important reminder of how we all face different challenges at different stages as we go through life. I feel so blessed to be a part of an organisation that’s primary focus is providing opportunities to put faith into action in a practical way, and in doing so looking to ‘love one another’ as He has first loved us (John 13:34-35).

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