February 25, 2010

About Us

Purpose and Values

The key concept behind Streetworks is to cultivate a culture where faith is coupled with deeds.

Streetworks has three main aims:

    • Service
      Serving the communities of Hamilton City.
    • Exposure
      Providing a platform aimed at exposing people to the needs of our city.
    • Culture
      Creating a community of people with a culture of active service and compassion for others.

We are passionate about exposing people to the many and varied needs in Hamilton.  In light of this priority, what happens for the volunteers on a Streetworks project or event day is just as important as the work that is being done. We want to see people challenged by the situations and circumstances they witness. 

This means that people are the most important aspect of Streetworks; both our volunteers and those whom we are serving. Over time, we’ve realised more and more the deeper level of need that is present in the people who Streetworks serves and who serve in Streetworks. God has challenged & encouraged us to be more intentional about sharing our faith in Jesus & ministering to people as we bless them at Streetworks events. We believe we can be intentionally taking steps to create space for God to move, whilst still retaining Streetworks’ ‘no strings attached’ value.

We, as a team, long to see Streetworks events being a platform to expose people to other people and situations outside what they usually see in their lives.

Our Values

  1. Loving the one in front of you – we are called to show God’s love to those in our community.
  2. Active discipleship – we are people seeking to honour and glorify God through their actions.
  3. People –  we are committed to those in need and realise that God’s love is given to all equally.
  4. Community – we value relationships which encourage, shape and challenge people to be responsive to the call of God their life, and to seek the area that they feel passionate about.
  5. Authenticity and integrity – in our words and action.