September 15, 2011

Our Story So Far

Streetworks was founded in 2007 by university students who were passionate about exposing their peers and others to the needs of communities in Hamilton.

The friends realised that despite being young and having little money, they still had the capacity to meet some of the needs they saw in their city. They also realised that, unlike themselves, many people are never exposed to the needs in Hamilton and remain unaware of them.

With these realisations firmly lodged in their hearts, they took action; learning as they went. And with nothing except determination to succeed, they set the date for the first Streetworks event.  They soon discovered that, contrary to what they assumed, organising an event took a lot of work!

In the years since it has started, Streetworks has run weekend events and has grown from an initial 40 volunteers to over 250 at its peak in 2011. Throughout the years, Streetworks has had significant impact not only on those directly involved in its organisation, but also on the volunteers who attend and the community organisations and members who are served.  Streetworks events are now run by a team of approximately 35 young people, each responsible for organising part of the overall event or their own project in an area they are skilled in and passionate about.

In 2010, Streetworks turned its attention to creating a sustainable future. Prayer and brainstorming led to a decision to join with the Gateway Urban Trust, a community trust affiliated with Gateway Christian Centre.

At the end of 2010, after a year working under the umbrella of the Gateway Urban Trust, Streetworks made the decision to form its own charitable trust. The Gateway Urban Trust had taken Streetworks under its wing until a time, whereby, Streetworks was ready to take the next step of forming its own trust.

The Streetworks Charitable Trust officially came into existence on April 20, 2011. The creation of a trust spells the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Streetworks.  Streetworks has come on an incredible journey from being little more than an idea to reaching the stage of formalising its existence.  The new opportunities the future presents for Streetworks are exciting, so watch this space!