September 15, 2011

What We Do

Streetworks runs large-scale work days and a number of other projects and smaller events.

Large scale work days

Streetworks runs one major event per year and a number of smaller projects aimed at exposing the volunteers who attend them to different needs in the community.

Since 2007, Streetworks has run more than fifteen major work days and many smaller events.  On an average large-scale work-day, around 100 – 250 volunteers work to complete approximately 10 projects across the wider-Hamilton area. Projects are pre-organised by a project leader or team of leaders.

Examples of regular projects include:

  • Chopping and delivering firewood
  • Cooking and freezing emergency meals for community centres to disperse
  • Visiting resthomes
  • Painting murals
  • Cleaning houses and gardens
  • Family Fun Days

Interested in helping out or have an idea for an event?

Monthly Classics

In 2013, we set ourselves the challenge of running one event every month of the year. To do this we decided that on the months that we weren’t holding a large-scale work day we would hold a smaller event we’ve called ‘Monthly Classics‘. These have so far been so so successful in allowing us to be more responsive to needs in our community as we can tailor these events around the referrals we have coming in. Monthly Classics are usually those classic events that make Streetworks what it is, firewood chops, backyard blitz’, cleaning and cooking, as well as there always being space to do something new as the need arises.

Firewood Chop

Streetworks has been delivering firewood free of charge since 2007.  Providing firewood is such a practical way to assist a wide range of individuals.  As well as being a regular part of the large work days, firewood chops are run as a stand-alone project leading up to winter. Partnerships have been formed with the Hamilton City Council and a local property management firm which mean that Streetworks now have the use of a vacant yard in the CBD and a consistent supply of felled trees. The Royal Wolf have donated the use of a shipping container – meaning we have a greater capacity to give!

Smaller events

Clothes Swap

In April 2010, 2011 and 2012 Streetworks ran a Clothes Swap with the aim of generating excess clothes to donate to community organisations. The Clothes Swap takes place in a local cafe and is an evening of music, dessert, games, catwalks and fun.  The event was initiated from the idea of an individual involved in Streetworks and tends to attract a different type of people than those who would usually attend the work days.  It’s a great way of showing people that helping out the community can be fun! In 2011, the Clothes Swap was attended by over 150 people and 63 black sacks of clothes were donated to organisations including the men’s and women’s night shelters. Streetworks hasn’t run any clothes swaps recently, but we do plan to in the future and the op-shops around Hamilton are always looking for more goods to support a range of great causes.


At times, as the opportunities are presented and we have the capacity to respond, Streetworks partners with other organisations on projects that don’t coincide with the work days.  In the past, this has included fruit tree planting, food bank collection, a whare makeover and acting in a support for projects or initiatives run by organisations in our network.