November 4, 2011


Streetworks takes ‘referrals’ for many projects that involve working directly with a family or individual.

We want to help those most in need through the projects that we do. 

However, we do not necessarily have the capacity to identify those most in need of what we have to offer. In order to make sure we connect with those who need us most we have a referral system.

Whenever there is an upcoming project, such as gardening or firewood delivery, we inform our network of organisations of the project. They then have the opportunity to refer clients they work with who may benefit from what Streetworks is offering. With their client’s permission, the organisation passes on their necessary information to Streetworks. The appropriate Streetworks team member will then be in contact with the referred individual or family to assess and confirm whether we are able to assist them. At times, the work required may to too extensive or inappropriate for Streetworks to complete; however we always try our hardest to help those referred to us.

For our own protection it is our preference that all referrals come through organisations; however, exceptions are possible where we know details of the situation or individual in question. We do not want to ever have to judge the level of need of a particular situation that we are unfamiliar with; therefore, we trust the judgement of the organisation who has made the referral.

If you wish to join our network of organisations that will receive project information or have any questions regarding the referral process please contact us.

If you have a referral to make, fill in the form below. Please only fill in the form if you have already obtained permission to disclose details from the individual or client you are referring. To protect your clients privacy, we treat any information disclosed in the form below as confidential.