May 20, 2017

Collaborative Art Pieces

Streetworks Collaborative Community Art Series

This year Streetworks is launching a new kind of project – with the support of the Creative Communities Scheme we are going to be facilitating the creation of 5 community art pieces to be gifted to local community organisations.

What is a collaborative community art piece?IMG_1339edit

Basically it’s a long way of saying a bunch of people creating art together – which in this case is going to be paintings. ‘Collaborative’ is about working together to complete the painting, which is why in our example piece each person selected a square to paint and painted it with their own choice of paints, patterns and textures, but also stayed within the outline of the original design. Once everyone had finished their square, you can see the uniqueness of each person’s contribution, but put together they still form a complete and complex picture.

How can you or your group be involved?

Individuals with an arty flair can volunteer to assist with designing an art piece including drawing the outline and colour selection, as well as overseeing the completion of the project. Individuals who don’t consider themselves ‘arty’ can still help out with set-up, supervision and pack up on the days we do the painting.

Community groups can volunteer to complete an art piece, and we will provide all the materials needed as well as assisting with the design – all they need to supply is the people to take part in painting. Painting one of these art pieces is about everyone having a go, so your groups members don’t need to be ‘accomplished artists’ to take part, they can just pick a section that suits there interest or ability. Groups could include a church group, youth group, school group, or variety of other kinds of community groups.

Community organisations can enquire to receive a finished painting to display in a public place within their premises (such as on the outside of their building or in a foyer or waiting area). There is no cost to receiving a painting although a donation to help with costs is appreciated.

Who decides what the painting design will be?

The kind of designs or pictures that are depicted on the art pieces will be discussed by the group completing the painting, the group receiving the painting and the volunteer who is drawing the outline.

Why are the paintings going to different groups than the ones who painted them?

This series of projects is based on the idea that we are all linked, and encourages the concept of building relationships and awareness within the community. Just like on the paintings themselves where the work of multiple people come together to form one larger picture, we would like to encourage the ‘coming together’ of different people in our community.

When are the paintings being completed?

This is flexible and depends on what going on in the next few months for the group completing the painting, however, we would like all paintings to be completed by November this year.

To volunteer, apply for your group to complete an art piece or apply for your community organisation to receive an art piece, fill out the inquiry form below —>

If you have questions or for more information, you can contact Esther Gillam on 022 4315899 or at