March 18, 2017

Small Group Serve

Small groups serve flatSmall Group Serve is an opportunity for a small group of people (like your connect group, flat, family or a bunch of mates) to work directly with a whanau or individual in the community who needs a ‘boost’ in the form of some practical support – this could mean yard work, small maintenance jobs, or some indoor cleaning. Many people in our community have needs that fall through the cracks of other services available, and require flexible support that they are not able to afford to be able to live in and enjoy a pleasant and well maintained home and section.

Taking part in a Small Group Serve is an opportunity to launch yourself directly into the community and meet people you may not otherwise interact with. It is a chance to live out ‘loving your neighbour and makes a big impact on the lives of others, who not only receive much needed practical support but know that there are people in their community that care about them.

Once you sign up, a Streetworks representative will connect you with an individual or family in our community and guide you through the process of meeting with the whanau to figure out a more specific plan for on the day and together you can gather any tools and equipment needed. This will be a flexible process and we will aim to match you up with someone who suits your group’s abilities and location. There is no ‘set date’ for the Small Group Serve, we’ll work it out together with your group and the whanau. This allows us all to be more flexible in our response to requests for support, as we can work to get to them sooner rather than waiting for one day once or twice a year to visit them all, which is especially important due to the time-sensitive nature of some of the referrals.

Think about you and some people you know (such as a small group from church, some mates, your flat or family), and talk with them about whether you could make serving your neighbours a regular part of your time together. Maybe it’s something you could do every couple of months with your church connect group, or twice a year as a family, or just as a once off – it’s up to you. Streetworks will be with you right the way through, from going along to visit with the whanau, to gathering materials and ensuring people are aware of safety protocols. If you can’t think of a group you’re involved in, don’t let that stop you, just get in touch anyway and we can work something out together.


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