September 15, 2011

Supporting Us

Streetworks main financial policy is faith! God has proved his faithfulness countless times in providing for Streetworks and we believe that he will continue to do this through many different means.

Since 2007, Streetworks has been incredibly blessed through financial support and donations from individuals, churches and businesses.  Streetworks now has a number of churches and organisations that commit financial support on a regular basis.

We try to keep our general operating costs as low as possible so as to enable donations received to flow back out into the community rather than being absorbed by administration.  We endeavour to obtain sponsorship to cover our day-to-day costs; for example this website is fully sponsored by DigiCreative.

The majority of our staff are volunteers. This means that their pay comes from personal financial supporters who donate to them on a regular basis through the Streetworks Charitable Trust.

We also encourage donations from members of the community who are recipients of Streetworks services.  It is a fine line between simply blessing an individual and negatively engraining cycles of poverty and dependence in communities.  We highly value acts of kindness; however we do not want these acts to cause more damage than good. With this is mind, where possible we like to encourage community members to donate to Streetworks in order to enable us to continue to do what we do.  It can be very empowering for individuals to have the opportunity to invest in their own community in this way.  We ensure that we are sensitive and appropriate with how this is communicated.